Calmcast App: Gift It Or Customize It!

The Calmcast app puts a virtual spa on phones and tablets. It gives your colleagues, customers, members and students a steady flow of relaxing audio tracks, how-to videos and health-enhancing tips whenever they need to chill, focus, fall asleep or feel better. Calmcast is a win-win way to say thanks, stay connected and support wellness.

16-1414-2-1024Gift It

It’s simple. Buy bulk packs of discounted Calmcast apps below for your clients, customers, members and colleagues. We’ll email you an access code for recipients of your gift to use after they download Calmcast for free from the App Store and Google play (the app requires an  access code for use). Contact us for special pricing for orders of more than 1,000 apps.

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PEN-GRA shield logo blue bkrndCustomize It

Attention companies, hotels, schools, coaches, healthcare providers and other organizations and businesses large and small. We give you the full Calmcast app customized with your branding, programs and resources. You also get these valuable app features:

  • Send your messages directly to phones and tablets
  • Promote your events, special offers, products and services
  • Gift our 24/7 relaxation breaks and expert guidance
  • Host solo and group wellness incentives
  • Feature your people and happenings on your own video channel
  • Get data on your app’s downloads and use

Choose Customizable App Features To Keep Your Audiences Tuned Up And In

The  app’s Home screen is like a Facebook or Instagram feed to post your messages, reminders and more. The Stress Coach produces and posts content tailored to your app users..

Show our curated flow of how-to videos, expert interviews and wellness favorites while showcasing your programs and people on the app’s exclusive Videostream.

Sonic Spa
Help your app users boost focus, reduce tension, fall asleep faster and feel energized with the Sonic Spa. We create tracks for one-touch stress-relief before presentations and exams, during the commute, in the middle of the night and any other time they need to chill or recharge.

Events Calendar
Display your events, meetings, teleseminars and more in one place that’s easily viewable anytime by your colleagues, students, members and guests. Include date, time, location and a great description to promote your activity.

Health Rewards
Give your audiences endless and exciting reasons to be healthy. Health Rewards lets you award points and prizes for everything from exercising to volunteering.

Get Help Now
List emergency support resources of your choosing that can be called directly from the app. Add and change this information anytime.

Health Links
List and link to up-to-date local resources along with one-tap direct dial to any phone number including emergency help. Include benefits, counseling, your EAP, fitness centers and groups and organizations that connect to your work.

Fast App Facts

  • For iOS and Android
  • Free for your users to instantly download
  • No identifying information required of app users
  • App updates, support and usage data provided
  • App packs can be turned into customized versions at anytime
  • Most custom app content can be changed in seconds
  • Private labeling and additional features available
  • Customizable for different audiences and locations

Customized Calmcast App Pricing And Questions

Contact us with questions including app pricing options which are based on business/organization type, number of potential users, selected features and customization level.