Calmcast Health Rewards Give Program

The Calmcast app features convenient ways to immediately reduce stress. Calmcast is used by individuals around the world, as well as by students and professionals, including at the University of Michigan, New York City Department of Education and other institutions and companies that customize it with their own wellness resources. Unlike many other stress reduction apps, Calmcast is updated with new content daily and includes many routes to stress relief including guided mindfulness and relaxation, how-to videos, sleep assistance and support resources.

Health Rewards are points which app users automatically earn by using the app and participating in healthy activities such as attending events. The Health Rewards Give program enables app users to donate their Health Rewards points to nonprofit organizations that support people in stressful circumstances. The Stress Coach provides organizations free subscriptions for full access to its Calmcast app for their constituents based on the number of Health Rewards that app users donate (i.e. your organization will receive one app subscription for every 100 points donated.) Our app users have nearly one million points just waiting to be donated, a number that increases as app use grows.

What types of organizations are eligible for the Give program?

We are open to organizations of all sizes with local, national and/or international profiles. We are particularly interested in nonprofits that serve these populations and missions:

  • Mental health, stress reduction and suicide prevention
  • Students and teachers
  • Substance abuse and addiction recovery
  • Veterans
  • Physical and emotional abuse survivors
  • Disease treatment and recovery
  • People with disabilities
  • Disaster relief

Benefits for Participating Organizations

  • Provides those you serve, as well as your staff and volunteers, with a fun and effective stress reducer that’s always by their side.
  • Promote awareness of your organization to thousands of app users interested in wellness. Link your listing on the Calmcast app to your website and other information.
  • Get educational and training material connected to app content.
  • Simply provide your constituents one password; no email addresses or other identifying information is required for app use

Benefits for Calmcast Users and The Stress Coach

  • Provides opportunities to help others which feels good and reduces stress.
  • Promotes stress reduction and wellness by making help for others an incentive for app use.
  •  Increases awareness of the Calmcast app and the benefits of stress reduction.
  • Creates ongoing opportunities for The Stress Coach to give back to stressed people and organizations.

Next Steps

If you are interested in receiving free Calmcast apps for your organization, please complete the Fast Application Form for consideration (left column). If you have questions about the program, contact us.