Beyond Backrubs National Certificate Program

Certificate Program Overview

Beyond providing outstanding backrubs, many other Stressbusters activities are essential to the success of the entire Stressbusters program including event production, customer service, social media communications, marketing, branding, volunteer management, training, community education, client relations and teamwork. For years, students at Stressbusters schools have gone beyond backrubs to support these important program components, gaining valuable experience that is being recognized by employers, graduate programs, and now more formally by the national Stressbusters program.

Earn A National Stressbusters Program Certificate

Starting during Spring 2016, the national Stressbusters program and many campus Stressbusters programs will officially recognize students who participate as program leaders and take part in activities listed in the two GROUPS below. The certificate will detail your role as a Stressbusters program leader and you can use it to stand out during interviews, on applications and wherever else it will help you in the future. In addition to the certificate, your successful participation in these activities will connect you with campus leaders, business and education experts, and other Stressbusters student leaders around the country.

Certificate Program Requirements And Details

  • You must be an undergraduate or graduate student, but do not have to be a trained Stressbuster
  • You must participate in activities for at least two semesters, but the semesters do not have to be concurrent
  • Some activities require successful completion of one semester as a trained Stressbuster
  • Activities will be added to those listed below
  • Availability and specifics of activities on your campus may differ from the information listed below

Certificate-Earning Activities 

Click on a GROUP to learn more about its activities:

Next Steps

Let your school’s Stressbusters staff or student coordinator know that you are interested in participating in one or more of the above activities toward earning a National Stressbusters Certificate. They will provide additional details about participation and activities. You will then receive occasional communications about certificate program activities from your campus and the national Stressbusters programs.