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Calmcast App

Put a Stress Coach in Your Pocket

Our Calmcast app is always by your side with rapid relaxation techniques, guided mindfulness trips, mood-lifting reminders and many more stress-busting features. Content is updated every day, so you’ll stay calm and connected to  new resources and tips to work, sleep and feel better. Download Calmcast to your phone or tablet for free or subscribe for access to all features. Calmcast is also customizable with your business, school or organization’s news, events, services and branding (learn more).

Dot Calm Wearable Stress Trackers (Now Available in Spanish)


 Great for workshops, classrooms and giveaways!

What color is your dot? How stressed are you? Can you make it turn blue?
Find out now with these simple, fun and informative devices that indicate your changing stress level all day long. Just stick one on your hand and watch it switch colors based on your internal stress and relaxation responses. Trainees, students and just about everyone else LOVE Dot Calm Stress Trackers which feature:

  • Durable wallet-size dot color interpretation cards (left) with simple dot instructions
  • Three rapid stress-busting techniques on back of cards
  • A stress dot that can be affixed to each card for easy distribution
  • Dot Calm companion web page featuring the 4-1-1 on how stress dots work, how to use them to relax and great ways to use them with audiences

More Dot Calm Details:

  • Stress dots work for weeks of continuous use and can go back on the card when not in use
  • Dots work for up to two years if kept in a cool and dry place
  • Dots work best in standard room temperature
  • Stress dots may less accurately measure stress levels of people with frequently cold hands
  • Optional Spanish language version of the Dot Calm cards is available
  • Contact us if you want to customize your Dot Calm cards with your logo, contact information, colors and promotions


Select Language on Cards


Relaxation’s Greatest Hits CD

Relaxation’s Greatest Hits is like having your own personal stress control trainer with you at all times. Put it on your phone and calm down at your desk, during the commute, prior to a presentation, before bed, and even in the dentist’s chair.
Jordan Friedman teaches and leads you through deep breathing, muscular relaxation, guided imagery and meditation techniques. Get it in iTunes with the option of downloading select tracks.

Track samples and downloads
available at iTunes


Stress Coach U (Self-Study Course)

Stress Coach U trains coaches, counselors and educators to teach concrete stress-reduction techniques to boost client and student success.

Jordan Friedman leads this dynamic self-study course for professionals who want to distinguish their services and learn stress reduction strategies to benefit their own personal and work health.