Stress Coach U

The Stress Coach U live and self-study web courses train coaches, educators and healthcare providers to use and teach concrete stress reduction techniques to clients, students and patients. Real success and optimal health require effective stress management. Unhealthy stress is an obstacle that slows and often blocks us and those we serve from reaching our professional and personal goals. Distress makes change, job searches, leadership, performing and wellness even more challenging, while triggering behaviors and habits that hinder weight loss, smoking cessation, relationships and earning power. The Stress Coach U course teaches easy-to-practice exercises that increase the effectiveness of our work, and the efforts of our clients, students and patients, by smoothing and removing stress that impedes goal achievement.

About Your Course Teacher

Jordan Friedman, a.k.a. The Stress Coach, and former director of Columbia University’s health education program, teaches and trains coaches, therapists, teachers, doctors and other providers how to practice and instruct their clients and students to use practical and effective stress management strategies during this dynamic course. For the past 20 years, Jordan’s books, columns and training workshops have taught stress prevention and reduction skills to thousands–from students and CEOs to police officers and prison inmates.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn and practice a variety of stress reduction techniques to boost your own wellness, productivity and goal achievement
  2. Acquire methodologies for teaching and motivating your clients and students to use the stress management strategies that you have learned.
  3. Boost the effectiveness and impact of your work with clients and students by reducing stress that impedes their goal achievement, work success, relationships, treatment and other vital aspects of personal and professional wellness.
  4. Add and communicate a uniquely valuable and marketable service to your business, website, materials and portfolio.

Course Topics

  • Stress and how it impacts personal and professional health
  • Building awareness of stress sources, symptoms and triggers
  • Learning, practicing and teaching breathing, focus, muscle tension reduction and visualization techniques
  • Creating and implementing a stress management plan
  • Teaching and learning resources for you and your constituents
  • Marketing and building your work with Stress Coach U content and materials

Dynamic Series Learning Methods and Tools

  • Videos of techniques to support their practice and instructions
  • A course companion app and website with printable technique handouts and guides
  • Demonstrations of strategies and teaching methods
  • Test-teaching of techniques
  • Optional call with course teacher Jordan Friedman

You also get access to these valuable teaching, marketing and business development extras:

  • Ongoing access to video demos of Stress Coach U techniques
  • Ongoing access to printable handouts for clients and students
  • Audio tracks of stress reduction techniques to use with your clients and audiences
  • Dot Calm stress trackers and carry cards featuring Stress Coach U exercises
  • Smart phone and tablet app with stress reduction videos and resources
  • Descriptions of Stress Coach U credentials and techniques to use in marketing and presentation materials
  • Discounts on future Stress Coach U courses and materials

FAQs About Stress Coach U

Who is the webinar designed for?

Ideal Stress Coach U participants are career, executive and wellness coaches, psychotherapists, teachers (all grades), health educators, medical doctors, nurses, nutritionists, personal trainers, corporate wellness practitioners and other professionals working with individuals and groups who could benefit from stress reduction and wellness-enhancing strategies.

Will course participants also benefit from the techniques we will learn to teach our clients and audiences?

Absolutely! Your learning and trying the stress reduction strategies presented is an integral part of the course and vital to skillfully and comfortably teaching them to others.

Will there be learning activities in addition to the webinar itself?

Activities outside the actual webinar will be focused on self-practice of learned stress management techniques and test-teaching them to others.

Will there be restrictions on how Stress Coach U materials can be used i.e., techniques, slides, handouts and other materials?

The majority of materials that you will receive are designed for use with minor or no restrictions. For example, use of some handouts and slides requires author credit while graduates are free to incorporate Stress Coach U exercises and techniques into their coaching sessions, presentations, etc. Similarly, some course videos will be available for you and your clients for unlimited use while others will only be viewable for a limited time with options for ongoing use.


Stress Coach U Reviews


“I found the Stress Coach U course very beneficial on both a personal and professional level. It was clear from the beginning that Jordan is very knowledgeable, informed and experienced in the area of stress management and he professionally and articulately delivered the programme. I really enjoyed and benefited from the course and I look forward to applying the tools and techniques taught on both myself and with my clients. Thank you Jordan!”

Derval Chambers, Executive Coach

”Jordan Friedman’s Stress Coach U course is practical, grounded and useful. From the first session onward, I gained tips, tools and techniques that I could use immediately to help reduce not only my own stress, but also the stress levels of my senior executive coaching clients. If you or someone you know experiences physical or mental stress on a regular basis, I encourage you to check out Stress Coach U!”

– Brenda Bence, Managing Director, Brand Development Assoc., Int’l

“Jordan Friedman’s Stress Coach techniques are easy to follow and have immediately observable, positive results.  His presentations to fellow healthcare providers are informative and inspiring; they encouraged and enabled us to incorporate simple and effective health promotion principles into our busy clinical practice.”

-Brenda Slade, NP, Director, Barnard College Health Service


New Stress Coach U In Development

Great news! We are working on a Stress Coach U course that will be 100% self-study. It will retain many of the great content, learning activities and resources of the live Stress Coach U training. If you want to know when the new self-study course is available, submit the Let Me Know About Future Stress Coach U's form below.

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