User Support

If you don’t see your question or issue addressed in the FAQs below, please contact us.

For Calmcast access by username and password, should I create my own username and password?

Create any username you’d like, and your password should have been provided to you by your company, school or organization that is making your complementary use of the app possible. If you are not affiliated with a company, school, etc. that is providing the app to its community, you can subscribe to Calmcast through the app for access to all app features.

On Calmcast, I entered my username and password, but the app won’t open.

The cause for this is likely a weak wifi or carrier signal. The best thing to do is refresh the app and try again when you are in a place with a stronger signal. If you continue to experience problems accessing the app, contact us for support.

Sonic Spa audio tracks sometimes stop playing in the middle. Why?

Your device may be set to go to sleep after being dormant for a period of time. See your settings for an option to continue playing media such as audio even if this period of time is exceeded.

I selected the wrong location at startup. How do I switch locations?

You need to delete the app from your device and download it again, selecting the correct location at startup.

Can I get anything for my Health Rewards in addition to the palm tree badges after reaching certain point levels?

You may be able to spend your Health Rewards to get items or services. Tap on the Spend channel at the top of your Health Rewards screen to see if there are any spending opportunities where you are. Any non-location dependent Health Rewards spending options will also be listed on the Spend channel and will likely be promoted on the app’s Home feed.

I have an event that I would like posted on the app. How do I make this happen?

You can contact us with your event information or if you have other questions about the app at a specific location.

I can’t find the app in the App Store when I am on my iPad. Does it work on tablets?

Yes, you need to select “For iPhone” at the top of the App Store page and and the app will come up when you use the search field to find it. There should be a small arrow next to “For iPad” that brings down the “For iPhone” option when you tap it.

I tried sharing an event to my Facebook page, but got an error message. Any suggestions?

Be sure that you are logged in to your Facebook account before sharing notifications and events using the share icon below select content. Same is true for Twitter and other social media platforms.

Can I contribute content to the Calmcast and Stressbusters apps (I am not affiliated with any app location)?

Yes. First, read the Partner Opportunities page and then contact us if you think that your content matches the types of material we post. Please provide a brief description of your content.

How can I get a username and password to fully access the Calmcast app?

If you are at a company, school, organization or another place that sponsors or customizes the app for its staff, students, members, etc., contact the person or department is responsible for the app whereyou are. Or, you can contact us for assistance.

How do we get this app customized for our workplace, campus and audiences?

Thanks for your interest and please read the App About page. You can then contact us to talk further about customizing and launching the app for your location and community.