Make Calmcast or Stressbusters yours with these and other flexible features:

  • Your News: Send updates, special offers and more directly to phones and tablets
  • Your Events: List workshops, gatherings and any other activities with blurbs, calendaring and participant signup
  • Your Products and Services: Promote your offerings with notifications, photos, videos and ads
  • Your Videos: Feature your people, products and programs on your own video channel
  • Your Own Incentive Program: Reward your audiences for participation, purchases and more
  • Your Resources and Recommendations: Showcase groups, organizations, partners and support with direct connections to them right from the app

We stock the app with wellness activities and content updated daily, including:

  • Rapid Relaxation: The app’s Sonic Spa includes Quick Calm, Meditation Coach, Go Coastal and many more chill audio tracks
  • Sleep Enhancers: Content designed to promote falling and staying asleep
  • Video Learning: Expert how-to’s, inspiring profiles and winning ideas that can be tailored to your mission, profession and audiences
  • Instant Outreach: The Phone-a-Friend feature enables creation of a go-to crew of supporters with one-tap texting and calling to each of them
  • Self-Management and Growth: Reminders, journaling and goal-setting to boost action and awareness
  • Favorites: App users can bookmark app content (yours and ours) for easy access and sharing anytime

"Ive been using Calmcast for more than 2 years now and it’s my go to for stress reduction. I have a long train commute and it’s perfect when the day ahead contains multiple meetings or at the end of a long day before I head home. Love the guided meditations and the ability to pick and choose depending on what I need."

Some of Our Clients

Calmcast FAQs

If you are at a company, school, organization or another place that sponsors or customizes the app for its staff, students, members, etc., contact the person or department that is responsible for the app whereyou are. Or, you can contact us for assistance.

Thanks for your interest and please read the information on this page. Then, contact us to talk further about customizing and launching the app for your location and community.

Yes, we consider videos, podcasts, music, guided tracks, photos and other content that match the type of material we feature.  Contact us and provide a brief description or samples of your content.

Yes, there are opportunities to promote your brand, products and services  to professionals and students through app and specific content sponsorship. Please contact us to talk further about these opportunities.

Yes, we provide apps to nonprofit organizations that support people in stressful circumstances such as natural disasters, illness treatment and recovery, bullying and other abuse and veterans. Contact us to see if your organization is eligible for free apps for those you serve, your volunteers and staff.

Yes, we provide full-access bulk discounts for Calmcast for quantities of 100 apps and more. We’ll simply send you a custom password to give to your colleagues, guests, customers or whoever you want to gift Calmcast. Contact us  for a bulk discount price list.

“You cannot imagine just how much the app helps me on the job and in every day life.”

“I can’t sleep without the app!”

Relax, we’ll make you an app in no time!

Keep your offerings in front of clients, customers, colleagues, students and members, while giving them endless and instant ways to work, study, sleep and feel better.