Stress impacts everythingand it's why we offera variety of virtual and in-person keynotes and workshops

Quick Calm

This training workshop or webinar is like a salad bar of stress prevention and reduction tools. Participants will learn Quick Calm, Stress GPS and other concrete techniques to boost energy, sharpen focus, improve sleep and bust stress. Quick Calm also teaches attendees to instantly recognize and neutralize stress symptoms  before they cause fatigue, anxiety, refrigerator raids and other roadblocks to feeling, working and sleeping better.

The Stress Coach

Jordan Friedman uses his remarkable stress-to-success story to motivate and teach participants the most effective stress-to-success strategies that fortify personal health and job performance. More than just an inspiring keynote, Jordan demonstrates some of his popular stress-busting strategies so that attendees are better prepared to deal with today’s changing work realities, challenging relationships and competing work-life responsibilities.

Speaking Without Freaking(aka Peak PerformanceUnder Pressure)

Public speaking is feared more than death by most, and interview stress gets in the way of expressing your best self and getting the job. Composed and compelling presentations are key to professional success and provide an unparalleled competitive advantage. Peak Performance Under Pressure teaches participants sure-fire ways to give their audiences what they want, boost speaking confidence and reduce performance anxiety–the three vital ingredients for presentation power.

The Schmooze Cruise

Small talk is a big deal because deals, decisions and introductions are made during events, at the buffet table and even while waiting for the restroom. Many partygoers dread saying hello, soft selling themselves or proposing a meeting to “strangers”, thus missing opportunities to advance themselves, their work and their fellow guests. Partly staged as a reception in progress, The Schmooze Cruise program serves up real-time techniques that de-stress the networking process to maximize its business-building potential.

Some of Our Less Stressed Clients

The Mod Squad

Using situations and experiences identified by participants, program attendees work together to develop alternate ways to think about and act in these situations to make them less stressful and more successful. The Mod Squad is an outstanding team-building and problem-solving technique that uses a 6-step process to provide immediate stress-reducing options for a variety of work and life experiences.

The Mindful Meditation Advantage

Despite their growing popularity, mindfulness and meditation are still mysterious and confusing to many people. This training clears things up by teaching participants a simple mindfulness meditation technique for sharper concentration, recall, problem-solving, creativity and steady performance under pressure—all immensely powerful assets for meditators and their organizations in an increasingly competitive and stressful world.

Stress Coach U:The Workshop

If you and your colleagues are medical care providers, counselors, teachers, coaches or other helping professionals, and you want to teach your patients, clients and students simple stress reduction and relaxation techniques to complement other treatment and education that you provide, Stress Coach U is for you. This training will enable you to offer accessible techniques that your clients and students can use between or after visits to prevent panic episodes, restore concentration, improve sleep quality and reduce headaches, tension and other stress-fueled symptoms. See the Stress Coach U course for more information.

Stressbusters:The Workshop

Using methods from Jordan Friedman’s acclaimed national Stressbusters training program now at Harvard, St. John’s, the University of Missouri and other schools, this highly interactive session teaches participants the top Stressbusters seated backrub techniques. Attendees learn and practice Bladerunner, Squeezing Lemons and The Texting Treatment along with communication essentials for healthy touch. Touch is increasingly linked to decreases in stress hormones, greater feelings of trust and better performance, making Stressbusters: The Workshop a super-relaxing experience that also strengthens communication, teamwork and output.

"Ever since Hurricane Katrina, our staff has been asking us to bring Jordan back. We’re now using the stress reduction and team building strategies he presented before the storm to help us deal with the daily frustration of living and working in a disaster area."

Randi Kaufman

Program DirectorLouisiana State University School of Public Health

“I highly recommend Jordan Friedman. He has led very impressive stress management seminars tailored to our needs and his performance ratings by participants were exceptional.”

C. William Bechman

Senior Vice President for Administration Lighthouse International

Bring The Stress Coach to your stressed colleagues, students and members

In person and online, Jordan Friedman and The Stress Coach bring audiences tested stress reduction techniques, chill resources to use forever, and fun.