What color will your dot be?

Stress Trackers change color according to your stress and relaxation levels. They’re like dashboard indicators that tell you when to chill. Speaking of chill, Trackers include this business card-size guide with Tracker instructions, a color interpretation capsule and three quick stress relief techniques.

  • Stress Trackers measure skin temperature which is affected by stress and relaxation levels
  • They work for weeks of continuous use, and for years if kept on the card when not in use
  • The accuracy of Stress Trackers can be impacted by moisture, room temperature and cold circulation (hands and/or nose are usually cold)

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Stress Trackers are simple forms of biofeedback. Most of us rarely take time to "listen" to what our bodies are telling us; Stress Trackers help us to be aware of our stress so we can prevent and reduce the unwanted symptoms it triggers.

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Stress Tracker FAQs

Each Tracker works for up to 2-3 weeks of total time on your hand. Since you can stick them on the accompanying technique cards when you’re not wearing one, they can last for years if kept dry and at room temperature. We had one client who’s dot was still working after six years!

They measure skin temperature which is affected by blood flow. When we are stressed, blood flow is more concentrated around the heart and brain. This means that less blood is flowing to the hands which makes their skin temperature decrease slightly. When we’re relaxed, more blood flows to our hands which makes them warmer. The Trackers measure these differences and change color accordingly.

This means that you are in transition from one level of stress or relaxation to another. Similarly, if you have a dark ring around the outside of the dot (Tracker) and a lighter color inside, you are also transitioning from one stress or relaxation state to another. This is completely normal.

You can have people wear the dots when you practice a stress reduction technique such as Instant Vacation or another exercise on the Technique card. If participants see changes in their Tracker colors during and after using a technique, it’s great reinforcement that the exercise helps to reduce their stress.

You can ask those you work with to observe their Tracker colors throughout the day and note what they are doing or thinking when their dots says they are “stressed” or “relaxed.” These observations can help people build awareness of the sources of their stress and inspire behavior changes to reduce it.

Stress Trackers are very engaging, so you can use them to start conversations and facilitate learning about stress, wellness and relaxation.

It should not matter which hand you use, but if you are drinking a hot or cold beverage while using the Tracker, put it on the hand you’re not using to hold the mug or can.

You could potentially stick the dot between your big toe and second toe, but doing so would make it really hard to see the colors.

“My dot was black the entire time, but then we took a mindfulness journey to the beach and it turned purple! Amazing!”

"I've been training in companies and schools for years and these simple devices are the most popular thing I provide."

Fun, educational, awareness-building and really cool!

Place your order (toward the top of the page) and in days you and your students, clients, colleagues and members will be able to instantly track your stress levels, use stress and anxiety reduction techniques, and make your dots go blue. Contact us with additional questions about Stress Trackers.