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The Chill Factory

Stocked with concrete ways to make life easier, each 20-minute episode of The Chill Factory features compelling experts and rapid relaxers. Calming host Jordan Friedman is a stress management pioneer and former director of Columbia University’s Health Education Program.

Latest Episodes

Music Therapy: Tune In, Up and Out

If you’re like most people, you use music to relax, but have you ever considered going deeper with music therapy? And what is music therapy anyway? Is it turning the lights out and listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? Is it drumming and…

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The “Secret Weapon” of Saying Something

There’s something powerful we all can do to reduce the stress of challenging situations, yet we rarely employ it to help ourselves and others. This special episode of TCF gives us the ways and words to effectively communicate courtesy of previous Factory guests.

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Chill Productivity (Part 2)

Get bored to get motivated. Take advantage of your psychological sense of time. Hear about a big driver for getting things done. Like part one of Jordan’s conversation with coaching psychologist and productivity expert Natalie Lancer,…

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“This podcast is intended to increase your chances of finding balance in your week. Every conversation with the different experts will leave you a new strategy to fight stress.”

Roy Palacios

Inspiring and centering podcast

“The Chill Factory is my new favorite podcast. These 20-minutes of pure genius audio take you on a ride of inspiration, centering you, and actionable steps forward. The guests come from an array of backgrounds and experiences with the host Jordan giving the podcast a consistent thread of healing and joy. Five stars!”


Pathways to positivity

“I stumbled upon this podcast earlier today, and am completely gripped by the interviews and the resonating messages of positivity that they offer. The humanity and empathy behind host Jordan Friedman’s interviews are just phenomenal. In a world where stress and anxiety have insidiously become an expected part of day-to-day life, The Chill Factory offers alternative takes that are inspiring and optimistic.”

Jason Biz User

Fresh and always interesting and helpful

“There are so many podcasts out there, but this one is unique – eclectic, always interesting and wise guests and a host who knows how to ask the right questions. It’s potent too. Lots shared in a short span of time.”


A Podcast Unlike Any Other

“I’ve listened to many podcasts that focus on reducing stress and anxiety, but The Chill Factory is unlike any other. The topics/episodes cover such unique ways of dealing with stress in our lives through amazing subject expert speakers. I find Jordan’s calming voice such an added bonus; I literally feel my anxiety levels coming down as the episodes progress. A true gift of a podcast!”